Krishna Bhakti & Culture (for Kids)

By Mitravinda Devi Dasi

Certificate Course

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Course Duration

06 months


01 Hour each

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Children aged 07-14 years

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08:00 pm to 09:00 pm IST

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About the Teacher


Mitravinda Devi Dasi

I joined Krishna consciousness in 2010, I got initiated by H.H. Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj in 2015. My services to ISKCON, Mira road temple were book distribution, school preaching and family preaching. Last year we shifted to Vrindavan, my online preaching is still going on. I have done Bhakti Shastri course & now doing Bhakti Vaibhav course too.

Course Overview

Course Description:

Shloka recitation, Vedic stories, Vaishnav songs and Japa meditation 

Course Contents:

Shlokas, Stories and Songs

Target Audience: Children aged 07-14 years

Assessment Plan: Quiz and competition every month

Course Requirement: Zoom link accessibility and induction training 

Important Guidelines for the Students: Regular attendance 

What will students gain from this course?

  1. Increase in concentration power
  2. Memory enhancement
  3. Behavioral changes
  4. Relieve from stress
  5. Time management 

Why should one attend this course?

For overall development in personality

What problems of the students are we solving through the course?

  1. Concentration problem
  2. Memorization issues
  3. Bad behaviour
  4. Lack of time management
  5. Unable to handle failure or stress

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